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Channel Letters

Persona installers are required to send digital photos of some signs when they are installed. Here you can read which signs require after-install (completion) photos, and what specific shots are needed.

When you're installing channel letters, you must supply a set of photos for each set of channel letters. Be sure to mark each set with the size of the letters and the elevation they are installed on (north/south/east/west).

Channel Letters & Logos

Overall Photo

                1.     Photos to show channel letter orientation on the wall.


1.     Photos to show wiring done behind the wall on EACH remote set of letters that are installed. Photos need to show the ENTIRE installation.

2.      Photos to show caulking and, if possible, the mounting to the wall.

3.      Photos to show the transformer box or power supply enclosure mounted upright; if one is used.

4.     Photos showing the inside of each transformer box; if one is used.

5.     Photos to show the connectors used to make connections behind the wall.

Photos for each set of letters must be taken per the above specifications. Label all photos by size of letters and by the elevation where they are installed.