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Persona is located in South Dakota!

You may not know much about South Dakota but there are many benefits for national companies in South Dakota.  Our central location provides equitable shipping times and expenses for all locations within your corporation. 

According to a US Chamber of Commerce study in 2014, South Dakota is ranked #1 in Business Climate.  CNBC lists South Dakota as #2 in Business friendliness.  

State Officials list several reasons for South Dakota's success, including:

  • People in South Dakota know how to work.  The state has a fantastic work ethic.
  • Low costs for real estate, utilities, and other expenses
  • A favorable tax system, including no corporate income tax
  • Good Government.  The state lacks debt and does not over-regulate.

The above factors allow Persona to keep our costs competitive, and make sure you get the products you deserve.


Persona has three world-class facilities that house a total of 173,077 square feet for fabrication, 69,400 square feet for inventory storage, and 17,988 for support services.

Persona Main - located in Watertown, South Dakota, our corporate headquarters, includes more than 65,800 square feet of manufacturing space and more than 26,400 square feet of indoor storage for completed signs.

Persona West - this 27,277 square-foot facility, also in Watertown, operates as a face-decoration and distortion-form screening facility.

Persona Madison - at 80,000 square feet, this LED and neon channel letter facility is located sixty miles south of Watertown in Madison, South Dakota. It contains a large frame department and additional production flow lines.