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Dennis Holien founded Persona in 1980. He chose the name, Persona, to indicate the importance of people and their impact on a company – namely the employees and customers of Persona.

During Persona’s early years, management assembled 21 fundamental business principles, which embodied the values Dennis used to shape the company. These principles became known as “Dennyisms.”

Now after 37 years of business, Persona leadership has summarized core Dennyisms to form our Vision, Mission, and Values statements. These statements continue the intentions of Dennis Holien: to be principles by which Persona lives focused on people and service.

Vision Statement

We will be the standard for excellence in customer and employee experience.  Our clients will enjoy the highest levels of service, quality, and value resulting in long-standing relationships.  Our team will flourish in an environment of respect, collaboration, and opportunity.  The sum of these experiences will result in an organization that is growing, profitable, and enduring. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to Wow the Customer. Our team is Persona's most important asset. We are dedicated to unequaled customer service, integrity and an unrelenting pursuit of excellence.

Core Dennyisms - Values

  • Wow the customer (unequaled service)
  • People are our most important asset (people first)
  • Do the right thing (principles)
  • Be the best, not necessarily the biggest (mastery)
  • Pursue continual improvement (excellence & innovation)