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Ink Technology Commercial Printing

Ink Technology

Persona sign company has the latest technology in printing. The VUTEk GS5500LXr Pro Digital Printer is designed without compromise and offers the perfect combination of innovation and performance to provide the best printing technology for your sign printing needs.

Dries Faster

UV (Ultra Violet) curable, means that the ink dries when it is hit with UV light. On our printer, there is a row of LED lights that cures the ink as it is printed. When it comes off the printer, no further dry time is required.


Brighter Colors

VUTEk’s eight colors are CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow, black) and light CMYK: the 4-color process which is standard for industrial and personal digital printing. The color hues are the same in the light CMYK ink, but the luminosity (brightness) is different, giving the ability to print brighter colors than just CMYK alone.


Increased Flexibility

White ink gives us a lot of flexibility in how Persona can print, from printing white on clear to potentially adding a layer of white in place of backspray on rigid face decals.


In addition to the being the largest provider of hotel and motel signage across the globe, in 2010, Persona was named as the signage provider for McDonald’s.