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Green Initiatives

Green Initiatives

We're all trying to be greener these days. Whether you are upgrading your signage from fluorescent bulbs to LED lighting or doing an LED retrofit of an entire parking center, these changes can make a great impact. Energy usage can be reduced by up to 70 percent compared to standard HID lighting systems.

The benefits of being more energy efficient are not just environmental. There are financial and overall lighting benefits which come from switching to LEDs:

  • Lower energy bills - Using less energy helps the planet and can reduce energy bills by up to 70%. For some projects this can result in hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings a year.
  • Less maintenance - LED bulbs can last 25 times longer than most CFLs. This results in less waste in our landfills and they don't contain mercury. LED products are generally more durable than other options and come with warranties which meet or exceed industry standards.
  • Rebate programs - Rebates and incentives help many organizations validate the initial investment needed for LED installs or retrofits. Persona will work with you to find the best incentives in your area.
  • Visual appeal - A variety of color temperature options are available with most LED products. Warm white LEDs produce light similar to halogen bulbs and are more tranquil and welcoming; while neutral white and cool white LEDs produce a cleaner, more modern light.
  • Safety - LED area light fixtures emit a bright, more evenly distributed light. Improved visibility creates a more welcoming and secure environment.