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What's the weather like in South Dakota?

     A:  October in South Dakota can have temperatures ranging from 30 to 80, so be sure to check the temperature HERE before you come.  Typically, nights are cool though, so be sure to bring a jacket.

What should I wear?

     A:  This is an informal event.  You will be walking in corn fields, and sitting around a bonfire.  Bring with comfortable clothes and shoes like jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and hiking boots or tennis shoes.

Do I need orange?

     A:  If you have an orange vest, shirt, or hat, please bring it.  If you do not, we do have a limited supply that can be borrowed.

Can I bring my dog?

     A:  Yes!  We'd love to have your dog hunt with us.  If you choose to bring him/her, make sure to bring a kennel, food, etc. Please note that we do not have staff to watch them, so they will be your full responsibility during your stay.

What if I don't have a gun?

     A:  Please let us know, we do have a few guns available if you do not have one.

Do I need a hunting license?

     A:  Yes, South Dakota requires that every hunter has a license.  Persona covers the cost of the license and will have yours ready for you when you arrive.  You do not need to buy one.

Can I stay at a hotel in town instead of the lodge?

    A:  For liability reasons, Persona will reserve and pay for female attendees to stay at one of the hotels in Madison, SD. We strongly encourage and pay for our male attendees to stay onsite at the Bird's Nest in one of the cabins. If for some reason a male attendee would like to stay at one of the hotels, booking, transportation and payment is the responsibility of the attendee and will not be provided by Persona. Once your room is reserved please email Amanda Forsthoefel at letting her know so she can keep a current list of those who still need lodging at the Bird's Nest.