Don Anderson

Sales Representative

Employee since 2022

Don graduated from Wichita State University with a dual major in Business Administration (Business Management and Marketing). He has earned multiple national customer service and sales awards individually and in team settings, the Porsche Fusion award is the highest honor he was a part of/the one he is the proudest of.

Dons favorite part of his career is assisting franchisees on their exterior signage process, as the property’s exterior and signage is the first impression the customers have of their business. Don prides himself on his knowledge of corporate specifications and assisting in obtaining the approved signage that solves the customers problems and concerns, all while achieving their goals that fits their wants and needs to maximize their profits and overall business success through their signage and exterior profile.

When Don is not working, he coaches bowling collegiately and the head coach for the 2021 High School Girls National Championship team.

Email Me 605.882.2244