What Are Pylon Signs?

You may have heard them referred to as Road Signs or Highway Signs and Signage. Pylon Signs are a great way to capture the attention of your audience, this is from their sheer height, making them ideal for drawing attention from passersby, or elevating your signage above obstructions. A uniquely designed pylon sign can have a powerful impact on potential customers.

Pylon signs are freestanding structures that can be single sided or double sided. Usually supported by one or two poles, these signs are made of aluminum or steel frame with a rigid or flexible face. Pylon signs can be illuminated using LED or fluorescent lamps or left unilluminated. These signs help alert people in search of your business or just passing by where you are located.

You want a pylon sign to be able to grab a motorist attention from far away! This way they have time to get over and pull into the business or to read and understand what the sign is advertising. The earlier you can grab the motorist attention, the better.

Persona’s pylon signs are structurally engineered to withstand all weather conditions. All of our pylon signs are customized to your specs to create the appearance that best meets your expectations. Our graphic designers will work with you to achieve and create just the look you are imagining. Our project managers will help you through the signage process with ease – no headaches, no fuss. Contact us now!