10 Common Mistakes You Make With Lighting

Making a mistake while getting new lighting can cost you money on efficiency and total cost. This could happen by using too many fixtures or creating light pollution. You want to ensure you not only save money but provide the greatest safety and security for your business. If you can avoid these common mistakes, you will save money and increase safety.

1. Not Using LED Bulbs

LED lighting will save you money and time compared to all other lighting options. They have lifetimes much longer than traditional bulbs, meaning you need to replace them far less often. They also are far more energy efficient, allowing you to save money during its lifetime while also being designed to focus light on specific locations getting rid of the need of external reflectors. Along with the energy efficacy, they are eco-friendlier and are easily recycled.

LEDs also have the capability of working in extremely low and high temperatures and capability to withstand severe storms and other serious conditions. LED lighting has other benefits as well such as turning on instantly and can be turned on and off frequently without adverse effects on its lifetime. They also produce a virtually no heat compared to traditional bulbs making them ideal for temperature sensitive areas.

2. Choosing Incorrect Fixtures

Every fixture serves a purpose and can be used for many applications, but not all applications. Using the wrong fixture will shorten the life span of your LED lighting and become very costly. These fixtures will malfunction more often as well as creating extra heat from the bulb. You also want fixtures to give off the right amount of light and look like they belong in their environment. If not, you may have harsh or low lighting for your office or parking garage.

3. Creating an Intrusive amount of Light

There is such thing as too much light, and your neighboring building may have something to say about it. Once the lighting achieves your goal, such as lighting a parking lot or safety on a walking path, there is no need to add more fixtures. Adding too much light will also be less efficient on cost, you will be paying to install and keep that unneeded light on.

4. Not Adding Enough Lighting

On the flip side, you don’t want to have too little light; this defeats the whole purpose of LED lighting in the first place. You must achieve your desired goal for adequate lighting. You should be able to light the whole lot or building, creating a secure and pleasing environment, without creating an intrusive amount.

5. Not Following the Budget

Obviously going over budget is not good, but going under budget can also lead to many complications. If you go over budget on fixtures, you may have to go for a cheaper light source or vice-versa. You want to optimize your budget to get the highest quality products. You can also look to save money and go for cheaper lighting; you have allocated the money for this project use it. Cheaper lighting may have a lower cost in the short term but in the long run will be very costly with constant replacement and loss of energy efficiency.

6. Mount Lighting Improperly

You want your lighting to be installed correctly, so they give off high-quality light. If not secured properly you will have uneven light and create light pollution and low-quality light. Even worse your fixture may fall and break leading to more costs and time without lighting.

7. Create Large Amounts of Light Pollution

You want the lighting to provide clarity not to obstruct vision or create glare. Incorrectly place light fixtures, or too much lighting will make it difficult for visitors, employees, or residents to see. When planning your lighting and when installation is happening make sure it shines correctly and stays on your property.

8. Placing Fixtures Too Close to Each Other

Do not overcrowd your lighting; they don’t need to be friends. You will create excess light and create light pollution. You will also spend on unnecessary fixtures and inflate your electricity bill.

9. Waiting Too Long

Every day you wait you lose money. You should start planning and budgeting for upgraded lighting as soon as possible. With properly designed lighting will outweigh any complaints by providing your company with energy savings. Delaying on this project is losing you money every day.

10. Choosing the Wrong Team

You have decided to budget and put time into getting new lighting, but you chose the wrong team. You spend all this money just so your fixtures create light pollution and don’t save you expected amounts. How do you avoid this?

Choose PERSONA LIGHTING, and we will help you avoid these 10 mistakes along with many others. You can save big $$$ using Persona’s lighting team for your next lighting project. You will find using us to install your LED lighting fixture that you will save big on your future energy costs.

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