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Persona streamlines your Property Improvement Plan, as well as the renovations and improvements needed to bring your property up to current brand guidelines.

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What is a Property Improvement Plan (PIP)?

A PIP is an action plan for a hotel to bring the property in compliance with brand guidelines levied by a branded hotel manager or franchisor.

The ultimate goals are to enhance operating profit and asset value of a property.

The plan might include:

The branded hotel manager or franchisor usually proposes the property improvement plan either with:

PIPs require conceptual thinking, understanding of construction means and methods, detailed cost estimates, and assessing potential scheduling restraints.

All of these elements need to be incorporated and considered when evaluating a property for potential improvements.

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42 years of experience
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Signage Refurbishment Program

Within our PIP program, we can replace your sign faces cheaper than companies are able to repair them.

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