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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Neon is Fading, but the Look Never Will

Neon lighting and signage has had its place in American history. It’s been a staple of the Las Vegas strip, bar rooms, casinos, and other attractions. It’s made itself known as a beloved staple of modern day Americana. With the times, though, Neon is fading out of popularity. Concerns about safety, cost efficiency, and maintenance have all begun to push neon out of popularity as a common lighting choice. That doesn’t mean anyone loves the look of neon any less, though. Fortunately, there’s a middle ground where you can get the same look without the concerns.

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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Basics of Roadside Signs for Your Business

If your business is near a busy road and you’re not using illuminated signs outside, you’re losing valuable business.

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

Canopies Can Attract Business

The curb appeal of your business will greatly influence the way potential customers look at you when considering your brand. A great custom canopy for your business not only appears welcoming, but offers your employees and clients protection from the elements and an incentive to find their way to your front door.

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  • It’s the company’s emphasis on providing top-notch customer service that has made TMI a firm fan of Persona.

    Rick Larson | TMI President
  • Persona is one of the most professional vendors that I have ever worked with and its employees are phenomenal.

    Carole Lennon | Director of Compliance at Wyndham Worldwide
  • I have been an owner/operator for over 22 years and Persona has been my vendor of choice for the past 4 years, first helping me with a MRP (major remodel) in Bonifay, FL, then a new building in  Cottondale, FL and most recently a rebuild in Chipley, FL. I have had a great experience with the product, but primarily the support I have been receiving!!!

    Dennis Lareau | McDonald's Owner/Operator
  •  I’ve had great experiences working with Persona on past Dunkin Donuts projects. Ryan, the project manager I’ve worked with on all of our locations, has been very flexible with scheduling and does everything he can to make sure that our projects are taken care of... I would recommend Persona for any upcoming projects signage and signage installation needs. 

    Mitch Broekemeier | Project Manager, Tetrad Property Group