Employee Benefits

Persona’s employee benefit package includes Medical insurance, Dental insurance, Vision insurance, Paid Time Off (PTO), Employee Assistance Program, Flex spending accounts, Life and Disability insurance along with other lifestyle benefits.

Effective Date

Benefits for Full Time employees are effective on the first day of the month following start date of employment. Open enrollment takes place in November and take effect January 1. Employees may cover dependents under Persona’s benefit plans.

Health Insurance – Wellmark BC/BS

Persona employees receive their medical insurance through Wellmark BC/BS. Wellmark is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Blue Shield Association. They’re also a mutual insurance company, which means they’re owned by their policy holders, not investors — and that’s important. Since they’re owned by friends and neighbors throughout Iowa and South Dakota, they know what’s important. Wellmark members demand exceptional value. They work hard every day to deliver that by carefully managing costs, providing outstanding customer service and empowering their members to stay healthy.

For additional information, contact:

    • Wellmark Health Insurance Plan/Customer Service:
      Call 800-524-9242
    • South Dakota Corporate Office
      Call 605-373-7200

    My Wellmark – Member Portal Login

    Dental Insurance – Delta Dental

    Delta Dental of South Dakota is the most experienced dental benefits company in South Dakota with the largest network of participating dentists. As a non-profit organization, they are passionate about improving oral health through their Mobile Program and other investments to improve access to care and provide prevention and education. Delta Dental of South Dakota is a member of the Delta Dental Plans Association, the nation’s leading dental benefits carrier.

    Vision Insurance – VSP

    VSP was founded in 1955 and is the largest vision insurance provider in the nation. The company was founded in 1955 by a group of optometrists who wanted to provide access to affordable, high-quality eye care to the world. VSP is the only national not-for-profit vision care company.

    Flexible Spending Accounts

    Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs), permitted under section 125 of the Internal Revenue (IRS) Code permit eligible employees to direct part of their pay on a pre-tax basis into a special account this is used to reimburse them for (1) Health Care expenses not paid under the medical plan, and if elected (2) Dependent Day Care expenses. Because an employee’s money goes into their reimbursement account before federal incomes taxes, or before FICA contributions are withheld, the employee pay less in taxes and ultimately have more disposable income by participating. The amount employees choose to set aside for qualified health care and/or dependent care expenses is deducted from each paycheck. These funds are then reimbursed directly to the employee when they incur a qualified expense.  By utilizing these accounts, employees effectively increase their take home pay.

    Dependent Day Care Flexbile Spending Expenses
    Dependent day care flexible spending expenses include those necessary for you and your spouse (if married) to be gainfully employed or attend school.

    • Expenses paid for the care of a dependent under the age of 13
    • Expenses paid for the care of a dependent who is physically or mentally incapable of caring for themselves.
    • Expenses paid to a dependent day care provider.
    • If you are divorced, your child must be in your custody for at least six months out of the year.
    • Tuition at special school for handicapped dependents.

        401K Savings Plan – Empower Retirement

        Building a health financial future is just as important as taking care of your health needs. Once you reach the first of the month after 60 days of full-time employment, you will be automatically enrolled in the 401(k) program with a 4% election.

        Contributing on a pre-tax basis means that contributions to the plan are deducted from your pay before income taxes are calculated, thus lowing your taxable income. Not only can 401(k) participation help you save for retirement, but it can help reduce the current tax you pay.

        Basic Life Insurance – Mutual of Omaha

        Wellness Reimbursement

        Persona works with the following locations to offer wellness reimbursement programs:

        • Watertown: Anytime Fitness, Barefoot Fitness, The Gym
        • Madison: Anytime Fitness, Madison Community Center

        Employee Assistance Program

        Life is not always easy.  Sometimes a personal or professional issue can affect your work, health and general well-being.  We’re here to help. Lifeworks Employee Assistance Program (EAP) assists employees and their eligible dependents with personal and job-related concerns.

        • Access to EAP Professionals 24 hrs. a day, seven days a week.
        • Network of licensed and/or certified mental health professionals.
        • Three free sessions per year.
        • Confidential Service
        • Resources available for legal resources, work/life balance, substance abuse, and/or elder care.

        For more information, visit login.lifeworks.com or call 1-800-433-7916

        Voluntary Benefits

        • Life Insurance
        • Short-term Disability
        • Long-Term Disability
        • Lifestyle Benefits

            For more information, contact the Human Resources Department at 800-843-9888 ext 378 (Watertown) or 605-256-0656 (Madison).

            The employee benefit information on PersonaSigns.com is intended to be a brief summary of benefits available to Persona employees. The information is not intended to be a complete description of Persona’s employee benefit plans and does not contain complete details of benefits or exclusions. Employees should refer to each benefit’s Summary of Benefits Coverage (SBC) and policy certificates for complete details. This is not to be considered “Certificate of Coverage”.

            Only those employees ENROLLED in benefits are eligible. Benefits information may be distributed to you; however, that does not mean individual employees are receiving the benefits unless they have made steps (i.e., completing an online enrollment) to actively enroll once eligible.