3 Basic Functions of Signs

Knowing how signs function can be beneficial for your business to find out where you need signage and why it is going to be beneficial. These functions are the core effectiveness of signage and explain how to best communicate your company to potential customers.


Signs identify where your business is located and tells the world you’re located there. The sign should be recognizable far enough away to give people time to get over and pull into your establishment. This is not only done by having the correct sign height and size but creating a consistent brand image across all your signage. The stronger your trademark or brand, the easier it is to recognize from greater distances

Having your sign clearly visible from the street and easy to read, makes it simple to identify. This leads customers or clients to the correct location and bringing in new customers who are looking for something in the area.


You want customers to be aware you exist. If prospective customers don’t know your location or what you provide, it’s hard to sell. A high quality and well-designed sign can convey a powerful message about the company and the products or services you provide. The constant exposure of your brand will strengthen the awareness passerby have of your business.

well-designed sign also entices customers to come in and make purchases. This can be more than your big pole sign outside though too. You can set up signs for discounts, grand openings, and other events to attract people and prompt impulse buys. Your new signage can also complement all of your other marketing efforts. If a customer sees your print ad, having a signage that compliments it in style can cause them to recognize your ad and stop in. This is great for brand building and expanding your customer base.


Direct customers into your store! Navigation apps can get you close, but the last few feet can be assisted by your sign. You can also set up directionals that provide navigation for motorists. These signs can say things like drive-thru and entrance and create ease for the customer while being inexpensive to you. Your business can also set up signs down the road, so potential customers are aware of your business and look for it as they drive by.

Build a great sign and start building your business’s awareness, recognition and success. Any sign no matter the size or function will help create a consumer-friendly experience and help advertise your business to the masses.

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