4 Factors of Sign Effectiveness

There are many factors to think about when buying a sign and considering a sign’s effectiveness. Any business wants their sign to be extremely helpful in driving traffic, attracting new customers, and letting the public know where the business is located. There are many factors of sign effectiveness to consider when buying a sign for a company.

1. Design

Elements like the logo, fonts, and colors need to be carefully chosen. But also, understanding the traffic patterns and readability of the sign to a person passing by is very important, too. Persona is a leader in sign design. An exterior sign is the customer’s first impression of a business before even walking into the building.

2. Sign Placement

It is important for businesses to put a sign in a location that is easy for consumers to see. Keep in mind the different scenarios a customer is experiencing like driving the speed limit, changing lanes and distance away from the sign are all vital to putting a sign in the best spot possible. Looking at how much foot traffic goes passed your store is also something to take into account.

The International Sign Association provides statistics of the “Minimum Required Legibility Distances in Varying Situations” to help the business owner determine what would be visible to passing customers.

3. Sign Dimensions

A step in the process of sign creation is to figure out how large the letters on the sign need to be so that the message can be easily read. Lettering of the sign is very crucial. Fancy or script lettering is not recommended, and it can make the sign very difficult to read. Although the sign should be aesthetically pleasing, it needs to be functional more than anything else. Choosing the right colors for the lettering and the background and examining the lighting elements are both factors that impact people’s ability to read and see a sign. The best colors will complement each other and have a nice contrast that will be pleasing to the eye.

4. Sign Illumination

 A lit sign allows it to be visible day and night, 24/7. When a sign is illuminated, it makes it easier for drivers to read it more quickly. Persona offers a wide variety of illumination methods. LED lighting can help lower energy costs and make the location more attractive to your customer.

With these factors incorporated into sign development, the sign is very effective which will allow for businesses to succeed. Persona is here to help with every step of developing a unique and worthwhile sign.

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