Advanced Digital Printing Methods

Persona, Inc. announces the acquisition of the EFI VUTEk GS5500LXr Pro digital printer – the most advanced machine for on-premises production of digital sign faces. Persona has used VUTEk products in the past and welcomes this latest technology to our Persona West facility.

Among the upgrades in the GS5500LXr Pro model are: increased variety of printable materials; new ink technology that dries faster and brighter; and high-definition output that prints four times faster than older models. The 1000 dpi print combined with 8 ink colors offers the maximum quality for image gradation.

Perhaps the number one new feature is the expanded printable width: up to 17 feet wide, with unlimited length. This advantage means Persona can produce seamless sign faces which have superior durability and aesthetics. 

“The caliber of this printer is unsurpassed in the industry. We are fortunate to have this technology in our own facilities,“ said Persona Vice President of Business Development, Mike Peterson. “The ability to produce sign faces of this variety and size in-house gives our customers an advantage in price and turnaround time.”

Persona West, located 3 miles west of Persona’s Main production plant and support office, is the digital print and face decoration arm of the company.