Basics of Roadside Signs for Your Business

If your business is near a busy road and you’re not using illuminated signs outside, you’re losing valuable business.

Everywhere we go, we see lighted signs shining bright over interstate exits and busy intersections. Those business owners know that great signage is one of many ways to attract weary travelers and bring them through the front door.

A lighted sign can be seen from a great distance, providing ample time for a customer to make the decision to stop. Whether you run a hotel, gas station, shopping center, or restaurant, travelers looking for a place to stretch their legs, grab a bite, fill up, or hit the hay will use your lighted signage as a beacon. Without a lighted sign, they’ll be passing you by without notice.

There really is no greater investment.

When you call us to order your lighted sign, you’ll be asked about several options. We will outline these offerings here.


Sometimes, you’ll hear cabinets referred to as light boxes. These are usually made out of aluminum and they are the where the wiring of your sign will be housed. They can be designed in a multitude of shapes to fit the needs of your business.

To determine the size of your sign, there’s a simple formula. Most sign makers agree that the average person can read 1 letter for every 10’ of distance. This means if you want your sign to be seen from a distance of 200 feet, you’ll need your letters to be 20” tall.

Knowing how big your letters have to be will help you determine how big your sign needs to be, over all.


Most commonly, illuminated signs are created with LED or fluorescent bulbs. Sometimes, people choose to mount lamps on the outside of the sign’s cabinet. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. Our knowledgeable design team can help you determine which is best for your needs.


Faces can be created with a number of materials depending your individual needs. Your sales person will handle your options with you when you call.

Pan-formed or flat faces are the biggest decision most face when it comes to their signage design. A pan formed sign face extends from the front of the cabinet and is a little more durable and strong. These sign faces can also be embossed, meaning the graphics or letters can stand out further than the background.

Flat faces are just that- flat. They don’t extend from the cabinet. This is the more budget conscious option.


There are a lot of options for how a lighted sign can be mounted. They can stand on one pole or two. They can also be used as a marquee between columns. With a whole host of possibilities, we can likely whip up a sign that works exactly like you need it to and where you need it to without a problem.

If you’re ready to begin construction of your best marketing investment yet, know we are waiting patiently for your call. We can’t wait to get started driving traffic right to your register.