Benefits of LED Lighting in Work Environments

LED is well known for its light quality, energy efficiency, and money saving qualities. The benefit of LED lighting doesn’t stop there, installing LED can create a healthier and more productive workforce as well. Upgrade to LED today to save and make money in more places than you could ever think of.

One of the simplest and obvious ways having better light quality benefits your business is increased safety. Having dim or shadowy lighting increases the chance for falls and harmful injuries while operating machinery. Use of LED in the workplace will brighten the entire area and eliminate dangerous, shadowy spaces.

Installing proper lighting is essential for comfort and productivity in your office environment, increasing the quality of workers perception, mood, and performance creating an enjoyable working environment. While natural lighting is optimal for workers, LED in the next best alternative and compliments existing natural light. A Cornell University study also found that 24% of office workers claimed that poor lighting was a causing factor in their loss of work due to eye strain and discomfort. When the lighting was corrected there was a 3%-5% gained in worker productivity from obtaining LED lighting.

With the addition of ambient lighting sensors, you can optimize your combination of natural and LED lighting. If it is a bright day you can dim the LED and allow the natural lighting to do its work or if it is a dark stormy day, the LED lights can increase intensity and match the lighting you would have on a sunny day. This will also have the wonderful side effect of saving you money on brighter days by reducing the energy used for each fixture.

Simulating proper sunlight is important for our long-term health. If our bodies don’t receive a proper amount of light, our bodies sleep cycle will malfunction and start producing the sleep hormone, melatonin, and make workers tired. Having proper light levels will keep the circadian rhythm in sync, and many studies have shown that dimly light offices and work environments can negatively impact the mental and emotional well-being of employees. Proper lighting will reduce seasonal affective disorder and reduce the risk of environmentally induced illnesses and their symptoms, like depression, low energy, and irritability.

LED lighting had many positive impacts on employees, physically, emotionally, and overall well-being, and can enhance the overall performance of all employees while potentially reducing absenteeism.

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