Burger King Piggybacks on Super Bowl LIV Excitement

During the run-up to last year’s Super Bowl in Atlanta, Persona was honored to help Pizza Hut celebrate its first year as an official sponsor of the big game by custom designing new signage for its restaurant in downtown Atlanta. The usual Pizza Hut sign was replaced with a sign that read: Pizza Hut Hut, inserting some football vernacular into brand’s name.

This year, Burger King also is jumping on the Big Game Bandwagon. Super Bowl LIV (54) will be played in Miami, the city where Burger King was founded. And it so happens that the burger restaurant began in 1954.

So, to take advantage of the coincidence, Burger King is replacing some of its signs in the Miami area to celebrate both the Super Bowl and its own history:

Instead of reading “Flame Grilling Since 1954,” signs at four Burger King restaurants will read “Flame Grilling Since 19LIV.”

For the record, Persona was not involved in producing the Burger King signage, but we think it’s a great idea!