Caught Living the Values: Persona Thrives off Teamwork

For the month of April, Bethany Unruh, nominated by Michelle Wiley, was selected the winner of Caught Living the Values. She modeled our “Teamwork” value.

Michelle Wiley wrote “When we had an issue with a second vinyl for a Studio 6 face not fitting or lining up correctly, she went out of her way to drive to West to see exactly what the issue was and took the necessary steps to correct the problem immediately even though it was her lunch hour. She waited while it was recut and brought it back out to West to ensure the face would complete on time.” This is a great example of the Teamwork value where “Our People Come First”.

Bethany has been working here for almost 4 years as a CAD Technician for Channel Letters and Faces. She prepares shop drawings that production uses to build channel letters and faces. In fact, she also provides support to production and sales as needed. Also, she assists in training new team members in the engineering department. Something that Bethany enjoys most about Persona is the atmosphere in her department. In particular, it has a family feel to it that makes her happy to be at work.

“I strive to achieve that goal every day. If I can do something to help someone else, that’s what I am going to do,” Bethany wrote. She was very pleased to be nominated for Caught Living the Values. Bethany says, “My advice, ‘keep being amazing! We’re all working for the same goal and Persona wouldn’t be where it is today if this company wasn’t filled with knowledgeable individuals’.”

Our Values

Our employees work every day modeling these values. It is important to our company and to our customers. Consequently, we developed a system called “Caught Living the Values” where employees can nominate other employees who go above and beyond showing these values.

Here at Persona, we focus strongly on our values which we call “Dennyisms” and break it down into five categories. Our core values are:

  1. Wow-ing the Customer (Service)
  2. Doing the Right Thing (Integrity)
  3. Our People Come First (Teamwork)
  4. Being the Best (Mastery)
  5. Pursuing Continual Improvement (Excellence & Innovation)

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