Caught Living the Values: Attention to Detail Pays Off

Each month, Persona recognizes an employee who exemplifies the core business principles. Company founder, Dennis Holien, assembled the values more than 40 years ago. To summarize, employees nominate co-workers who are “Caught Living the Values” and a committee selects one winner from the nominations. Calvin was nominated by Trevor Larsen was chosen the winner of this month’s Caught Living the Values contest. Trevor said in his nomination that Calvin’s attention to detail paid off.

“Calvin notified me that we had some bolts (at Watertown Main) that were actually issued on a job in Madison,” he wrote. “To clarify, he wanted to make sure inventory was correct since we used the item and Madison did not.”

Trevor noticed Calvin “Doing the Right Thing” and “Pursuing Continual Improvement.” With this intention, Calvin was selected the winner of our monthly Caught Living the Values contest. To add, many Persona employees are “Caught Living The Values” every day in all three Persona locations. Due to this, Persona is named one of the top leading sign firms in the entire United States according to the Commercial Construction and Renovation Magazine.

Each month, a second employee is randomly selected from all of the nominations. For December/January, receptionist Kelsey O’Farrell, nominated by Jordan Gabriel had won. To elaborate, twelve nominations were submitted for the month. Those nominations were Hallie Amdahl (twice), Heidi Hoekman, Tammy Jungen, Cheryl Miller, Sophia Palo, Miranda Patek, Carley Poppen, Ashley Roberts and Bethany Unruh.

Persona Values

At Persona, we care deeply about our Vision, Mission and Values statements. In fact, we strive to live up to those statements in everything we do.

The five business values at Persona are:

  1. Wow the customer (unequaled service)
  2. People are our most important asset (people first)
  3. Do the right thing (principles)
  4. Be the best, not necessarily the biggest (mastery)
  5. Pursue continual improvement (excellence & innovation