Choose LED Channel Letters

Channel letter signs are the superior signage choice for your business. Each set of channel letters has an individual structure and separate illumination, resulting in a highly visible signage presentation. Channel Letters display a very professional image and are an eye-catching addition to any building. They are very bold and have substantial stopping power, helping you out the shine and elevate above your competition. Many buildings and store owners insist on channel lettering to help create as many impressions as possible to passing potential customers.

Channel Letters are individual pieces of aluminum, molded into lettering and then illuminated with LED modules. Designed in many sizes and colors, these three-dimensional signs make your building pop! Channel letters can also be formed into specifications that will match your company’s logo, color, and font. With the usage of neon signage, LED channel letters can now easily equal and outperform neon illumination. Most national business and chains use channel lettering because of its effective brand building and stopping power.

There are a few simple things to remember when designing a channel letter sign.

-Use basic fonts that will illuminate well. Being easily legible and should be able to be read quickly to effectively convey your business’s message

-Have the sign positioned in an optimal position so all your potential customers can view the sign.

-How away do you need people to read the sign? Choose the correct letter size so that your typical customer will be able to read your sign quickly

-Will the color affect the signs illumination? Have colors that help emit light making your sign easily visible at night.

Persona’s channel letters can be customized to match your logo’s font. Each set of channel letters is handcrafted to match your specs. Our graphic designers will work with you to achieve and create just the look you are imagining. Our project managers will help you through the sign process with ease – no headaches, no fuss. Contact Us Here!