Creating a Safe and Fun Halloween Light Show

If you’re like most people, you look forward to setting up the best Halloween Light Show in the neighborhood. There is nothing more fun than setting up a spooky invitation for kids and adults alike to knock on your door and partake in the fun of the evening.

You should bear in mind, however, that not all lights are safe for both indoor and outdoor use. If you don’t want your Halloween scene to turn into a real horror show, you’ll want to practice safety and do some research ahead of setting up your display.

Here at Persona, we know a little bit about lighting and we want to do our part in ensuring that Halloween remains a fun and happy event for everyone. Below, we will discuss some of the safest Halloween Light Show products on the market and offer a few tips on how to make this year’s festivities pleasantly memorable. 

Light Up the Night

Using LED lights outdoors is always going to be your safest bet. They don’t get as hot as other options, and therefore are less likely to cause fires or other hazards throughout their use. If you do choose to go with another lighting option, stay under 75 watts per fixture. Twenty watts is most ideal if you are working with CFL.

Motion projection lights are a fun option for Halloween Light Shows. For these lights, you simply hammer in a stake to the ground and plug in the power cord. When the trick or treaters approach the front door, the light comes on, projecting spooky images out of seemingly nowhere.

You might also consider replacing your porch light with a rotating LED shadow bulb. They simply screw in to any light outlet and then, when the light is turned on, it will rotate casting spooky shadows over 360 degrees. You can buy them with witches or bats, but our personal favorite is the spooky ghost.

AtmosFX has also released a really fun digital decoration kit. The decorations come in the form of a DVD which can be played on any DVD projector. Focus them against a wall and watch zombies break through the siding!

Dress It Up

Of course, all of these lights can be made even more exciting with the use of a smoke machine, some pulled cotton spiderwebs, and a few jack-o-lanterns and other decoration.

A successful Halloween Light Show is really the sum of its parts, which means you should take into consideration not only the lights, but also the accompanying décor, your costume and attitude, and of course safety.

As you are ensuring the safety of your lights, also take a look around your yard for other hazards that might injure a visitor. Fill holes in the lawn and pick up tripping hazards. Also, you might strategically place some of your lights near any gaps in the sidewalk where a child might trip. Remember, Halloween is about having fun- but nobody has fun when they get hurt!

LED Lights and Halloween Go Hand in Hand

If you’re looking for one more way to promote safety in the community while also promoting a super fun Halloween experience, you can look into handing out LED necklaces as part of your trick or treat loot.

LED necklaces are safe for children to wear and will also help motorists see them as they are out haunting the night in their costumes. The “treat” will also sync up well with your Halloween Light Show theme.

From all of us at Persona, we wish you a safe and happy Halloween!