Have Your Sign’s Message Stick

Signage is an investment and you want its message to stick! A common mistake business make is to put EVERYTHING they can on their sign. It makes sense, you want to get your bang for your buck and get your information to the world. The problem is it won’t attract attention and the message may not stick with the potential customer. If you remember these few tips your signage will make its mark!

Most people will be driving by, so remember you only have a few seconds to get their business. Get to the point with a bold and simple look. You don’t have to put every type of product you sell but the customer should be able to infer what they can get. “LAWN & GARDEN” is much better than “We sell everything to keep your lawn green and your garden growing”.

If you want your sign to catch your customer’s eye you must make sure your sign pops and is void of clutter. Choosing the right font and colors will help you convey the environment of your store and display your message far and wide.

Use these colors strategically and allow for white space around your text, making it easier for a potential customer to read your sign.

Now get in the mindset of your potential customers. A message that makes sense to you might not have the same meaning to people who have never walked in your store. Make sure they know what you can provide for them and how it will help! People know what they want, make sure they know you can provide it to them.

Finally, remember consistency – always stay consistent! Changing up your logo, font, message, and color will confuse the customer and drive them away from your business. If your sign’s message is sticking, keep with it.

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