How to Clean Your Foam Monument Sign

Monument sign maintenance is important. A dirty sign can appear dingy and holds less curb appeal. Colors won’t seem as bright. They are more susceptible to algae growth and other environmental concerns.

Most sign manufacturers recommend that you clean your monument signage at least once a year to ensure that your foam signage continues to look its very best. Below, we will outline the simple step-by-step process to complete this task.

Clear Debris

Before you can begin cleaning the monument, you should take a moment to clear the area. If there is garbage or other debris nearby, remove it from the area and throw away. You also should rake up any dead leaves or grass and pull any weeds from around the foam sign’s base.

Gather the Correct Materials

Next, you will need to collect the materials needed for the cleaning process. We recommend a garden hose with sprayer, household bleach, mild dish detergent, scrub brushes, and a measuring cup.

Never use a power washer for cleaning your monument sign if it is constructed of foam. Some manufacturers will void their warranty if you use a power washer to clean your sign.

Hose Down Plants

Spray down the plants surrounding the sign. This will ensure that if you overspray your cleaning solution, it will become even more diluted when it hits the plants, reducing the risk of harm. Spray until your plants are dripping wet.


You should now pre-rinse the face of the monument sign. Get it completely wet before you add any cleaning solution. This initial rinse should already start to decrease the visibility of dirt, but it is not enough to thoroughly clean the foam sign.

Spray until the signage is dripping wet. If it’s a warm day, you’ll have to spray it and clean it in sections as the water will evaporate quickly.

Mix and Test Your Product

The industry recommendation for a cleaning solution is 3 parts water, 1 part bleach, and ½ part dish detergent. Once mixed, test the solution on a small area of the signage to ensure that it is not going to affect coloration. This is especially important if your signage includes vinyl or metal graphic work.

If the solution does not work, contact your signage manufacturer for their recommendation.


If the solution works, you will now be ready to wash the sign. Spray or scrub the sign down completely using the cleaning solution. Once it’s been completely covered and rinsed, you can repeat as necessary until your sign is mostly clean.

Deep Clean

Once the majority of the sign is cleaned to your satisfaction, use the scrub brush and solution to get in between cracks or other hard-to-reach areas where there is still dirt remaining.

Final Rinse

Finally, you will do one last rinse, starting at the top of the sign and working your way all the way to the ground and spraying the surrounding plants again. Congratulations! Your signage is now clean and you can check this task off your to-do list.

Any Other Questions? Persona’s Staff is Waiting to Help!

If you’re still confused about how to clean your signage or if you have any concerns about the steps outlined, feel free to reach out to Persona’s customer service staff. We are always willing to answer any questions you may have and help you make the right choice for your signage model.