It’s All About You!

We all have checked out billboards while driving down the highway, but in the not-so-distant future, those billboards might be checking out us!

Digital billboards, able to display new messages instantly, already are common. That’s a big improvement from yesterday’s static billboards which stayed the same for months or even years. But new technology is making even digital billboards better.

What’s next? Outdoor advertising has begun using artificial intelligence to tailor content to fit individuals. It’s already being used in some parts of the world and will undoubtedly soon become the norm.

It works like this: Roadside cameras will scan oncoming traffic to learn the type of vehicle approaching and its occupants. With the latest technology, these cameras can determine the age, gender and even the mood of a vehicle’s occupants. Armed with that information, computers will post an appropriate message on the next billboard.

If you’re driving a minivan filled with kids, the billboard might offer an ad for a nearby amusement park. If you’re driving a luxury car, you might get an ad for an upscale restaurant or a country club. If you’re smoking a cigarette, perhaps you will see an ad for a smoking cessation clinic. If you’re wearing a Twins baseball cap, you might see a pitch for tickets to the upcoming series against the White Sox. If your furry friend is riding with you, perhaps you’ll see an ad for a pet supply store.

The possibilities are limitless.

And don’t worry about privacy issues; these signage systems are designed to not save or share any information about you. The information will only be used to show you a relevant advertisement.

Persona does not currently offer AI signage or smart billboard packages, but we are always looking ahead and preparing for the future.