Know When to Refresh Your Brand

Over time brands can become ineffective, dull, or just plain out of date. This may have nothing to do with how you are doing as a business but how the environment is changing around it. The best way to sync your brand up with the new evolving market can be a brand refresh. Creating new signage around your business will attract new customers and will make existing ones feel refreshed!

But how do you know when to refresh your brand?

1. Undergoing or recently undergone a merger or acquisition

Your brand will now be combining with another. You don’t want to waste any of the other brand’s equity but also don’t want to confuse existing customers. Refreshing can help combine brand equity and help you continue your successful journey.

2. Your brand is too complicated

You may have expanded your product and service line or into new businesses. You may need to simplify and unify your brands, so everyone knows what each brand accomplishes.

3. You’re apologizing for it

The logo looks old or no longer conveys what your business accomplishes, so you are constantly apologizing as you give it out. Realign your brand to your business and be proud to show off your logo.

4. The market is evolving quickly

Everything and everyone around you are changing their game plan and strategy. But you are stuck with this brand image of services of the past. Refreshing your brand allows you to convey your business’s true capabilities.

5. Outgrown your original mission

You may have started with assisting the company in end sales, but now you help through leads to sales now. Have your brand reflect what you are doing and let people aware of all of your services and goods.

6. Too Generic

Are you just another brand in the crowd but offering new and creative ideas. To make some noise, you may have to change the way you are approaching your brand and how you display yourself to your customers.

This Refresh on your brand doesn’t need to be a complete overhaul. You can simply alter your existing brand to make it fit your company’s mission and present yourself better to customers. This can all start with your signage and presenting yourself to the world.

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