LED Vies for Halogen’s Place

As the world becomes more concerned about the effects of global warming, governments are turning their attention to making new policies encouraging more earth-friendly consumerism. One industry that has drawn the attention of world preservation policies is lighting.

Europe is phasing out Halogen with the rest of the world on their heels.

In an effort to better energy efficiency and reduce the risk of global warming, the countries of Europe have begun phasing out the use of halogen, which has been a leader in the lighting industry for over a century.

Halogen produces light, but is actually a much larger conductor of heat. In fact, 90% of the energy produced by halogen is heat and not actual lighting. As the lighting industry has made strides to more efficient means, halogen has been proven wildly ineffective as a light source.

According to the European Commission, this will reduce electric consumption by up to 75% by 2025. With Europe boasting numbers like this, the rest of the world has turned attention toward similar policies.

LED is a more efficient lighting option.

LED lamps offer a considerably longer life without wasting any of their energy on heat production. The average LED light can survive about 50,000 hours as opposed to halogen’s 2,000 hours, on average. This means less maintenance as well as less energy consumption, which is as good for the pocket book as it is for the environment.

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