Lighting Showcase: LED Cob Lighting

What is COB lighting?

COB or Chips on Board Lighting is a new technology in the LED market, where multi-LED chips are packaged together as one light bulb. Since individual LEDs used in a COB are chips that they take up less space than traditional packaging. This allows for the highest potential of the LED chips. When the COB LED package is lit, it appears like a lighting panel not as multiple individual lights.

Advantages of COB LED

LED technology has the advantage of saving energy and very long lifespan. Compared to traditional lighting, which is super bright in a small size causing an uncomfortable glare. Meanwhile, COB LED is multi-chips packaged, it can increase light area by ten times, so it avoids uncomfortable glare to the maximum extent, while still resulting in a substantially increased lumen output per square inch.

With fewer components in the COB LED chip, the thermal conductivity research shows that an average of 25% less heat is emitted from the LED chip. Less heat creates higher efficiency rates and lower failure rates. Another aspect of COB LEDs is the reduced failure rate from the fact that spot soldering is not necessary to the individual LED chips as each chip is directly mounted on the substrate. With reduced welding points, the rate of failure is lowered substantially. All these factors are important to ensure a long-lasting LED chip.

LED COB Light 120w

LED COB Light 80w

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