Lighting Showcase: LED Linkable Wraparound

Wraparound fixtures deliver beautiful all-around illumination, they may seem similar to troffers, but troffers are set inside the ceiling and only shine light straight down, while wraparound lighting shine in multiple directions. Persona’s wraparound fixtures can be used on its own but can also be linked to multiple fixtures so you can turn on your lighting instantly.

This affordable lighting fixture is designed to create ambient lighting for ceiling applications in schools, offices, and hospitals. With the addition of LED this wraparound fixture will provide reliable color consistency and extended service life. Persona’s fixtures have a similar appearance to existing fluorescent wrap, but now include the energy-savings, long life, and maintenance savings benefits of LED technology.

This cost-efficient lighting is the popular choice for many different settings. With their increased illumination output wraparound lights are ideal for locations ranging from shopping malls to college classrooms.