Lighting Showcase: LED Troffer Fixtures and Retrofits

You may never have heard of the term troffer before but you have without a doubt seen them. Being the most common type of lighting troffers are the ubiquitous light fixtures that fit into the ceiling tiles and metal grid in offices, retail stores, residential, commercial, and almost everywhere else. Persona provides retrofits and fixtures in 2×2’ and 2×4’ in 26w, 40w, and 52 watts. These fixtures also are adaptable to controls and are dimmable with 0-10v dimming controls.

2×4 Led Troffer Fixture 40w or 52w

No matter the size or style LED troffer fixtures provide greater flexibility, brighter light, and big savings!

LED troffers, either fluorescent retrofit or LED ready, last longer than fluorescent fixtures and do not depreciate Lumens as quickly, requiring less maintenance. LEDs also consume less power than other lighting choices which will help you save money on energy costs!                                 

You can save big $$$ using Persona’s lighting team for your next lighting project. You will find using us to install your Troffer fixture that you will save big on your future energy costs.

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