Lighting Showcase: LED Wall Pack With Photocell

LED wall packs, commonly seen on the side of buildings such as parking garages, walkways, and commercial buildings; provide excellent security and illumination while remaining energy efficient making wall packs the go to option for companies.

Forward Throw 48w Fixture

Wall Packs come in numerous styles and types and can be installed as a retrofit or installed for your new construction. Retrofitting old fixtures is very convenient and provide significant savings. If you would prefer not to replace the entire fixture you just need to ask about retrofitting to LED wall packs. You will still get to enjoy the energy savings of LED while maintaining your current fixtures.

Forward Throw 130w Fixture

LED wall packs are best described as commercial night lights. Providing your building with excellent security on pathways and around the perimeter of buildings, wall pack fixtures will throw light where needed.

Dusk To Dawn 18w and 26w

Providing dependable lighting for twilight and night illumination, wall packs secure apartment entrances and stairways to help create more secure exteriors and pedestrian walkways while enhancing a building’s features.

Our wall pack fixtures also come with a photocell, so it automatically turns on at dusk and turns off at dawn. This will help you save energy and have continual security throughout night time hours.

You can save big $$$ using Persona’s lighting team for your next lighting project. You will find using us to install your Site Luminaries fixture that you will save big on your future energy costs.

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