Make Your Business Stand Out

Your business can be surrounded by dozens of other companies and competitors all with their own signage. How do you stand out from the rest? You have to do this with not only your pylon sign but with directions, banners, and all other signage.

If you are in a crowded environment the location of your signage is very important. If people know what they are looking for but don’t see your signage you will have no luck getting them in your store. Study where other businesses signage is and where you can display yours for optimal foot traffic. This placement can help increase foot traffic if in the right location.

Now you have the best place to put your signage you have to make sure your brand is displayed at its best. Use your logo to your advantage to boost brand recognition but you also want to give consumers an idea of what you are selling. Having powerful and attention-grabbing fonts and colors are important. Along with having the minimal amount of word to help display need info.

If your outdoor signage is effective you will be getting plenty of traffic but you want to deliver your brand with your indoor and directional signage. This will help convey your brand and compliment your larger signage outdoors.

Most importantly you need High-Quality signage! If you have a low-quality signage, shoppers will be hesitant to go in. But if you are supplied with quality signage, it will grab potential customers’ attention and will draw them in.

This is where Persona Signs comes in! Whatever stage of a project you’re in, our sign experts will recommend unique solutions to help you develop a sharp program that is effective and cost-conscious. Make the best choice and go with Persona for all your signage needs.