National Safety Month

June is National Safety Month. At Persona, we know how important safety is to all our employees. This month, we want to highlight our safe and clean production plant and our employees at Persona who take the necessary precautions and wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for their jobs. Persona supplies all the necessary full body protection including ears, eyes, hands and more. It is proven that most accidents can be prevented by using PPE.

“We do not want to see any of our employees get hurt or have something bad happen to them. A safe workplace will also keep our product ‘safe’ from getting damaged,” said Persona Administrative Assistant for Quality and Safety, Diane Griepp.

Electrical Safety

A specific safety topic we touched on in June was electrical safety. An article in the Safety and Health Magazine titled “Electrical Safety for All Workers” describes the importance of focusing on the specifics of electrical hazards and construction concerns of working with electricity. “There’s pretty much zero occupations in the world that don’t expose people or have them use electricity,” said Christopher Coache, National Fire Protection Association. TheNational Safety Council has many resources and trainings on multiple safety topics. At Persona, we strive to always be aware of our surroundings and everything hazardous.

Diane says the biggest safety risks at Persona are “people getting in a hurry and taking short cuts.” Employees can avoid these risks by “communicating, calling for help when needed, slowing down and taking the time” to do the job safely and efficiently.

Psychological Safety

Another safety concept discussed this month was “psychological safety.” Not only is physical safety in the workplace important, but also emotional safety. Some examples of psychological risks are humiliation, loss of status and rejection. The psychological state of the human being plays a large role in how well they do their work,says Rosa Antonia Carrillo, President of Carrillo and Associates. Persona strives to be a place where every employee can feel safe and speak freely. Whether that is a question, a concern, an idea, or even a mistake.

As National Safety Month comes to an end, we want everyone to know that safety is a continuous effort. We will continue to work safely every day. Let’s all do our part to keep each other safe. Diane wants all Persona employees to know “Safety should be a part of our daily routine. Housekeeping is a key and speak up if you see an issue. If you don’t see improvement, keep bringing it up. Every employee is valuable to Persona’s livelihood.”