Paint Your World Purple

Persona employees did just that as they rocked purple hair and beads in last weeks Relay for Life, raising over $3000 for this great cause.

In the weeks prior to Relay for Life, Persona held several FUNdraisers, including Light a Luminary, sporting purple beads, and a bake sale.

We also split employees between a Moon team and a Sun team for a virtual footrace. Donation amounts were collected for each moon and sun bought. Designated paper suns and moons were placed around Persona with the intent to hang suns and moons around the office. The Moon team came out on top (just barely!)

Another FUNdraiser included getting together with a local business, Soulful Creations. They are a DIY Crafting company. They showed us how to make firecracker craft projects, each one being as unique as the person creating it!

Thank you Team Persona, for your outstanding efforts!!!