Persona Appreciates U.S. Veterans and Their Families

Persona is proud of our veteran military servicemen and women. We thank and recognize current veteran employees:

Perry Anderson- Madison       John Beasley- Watertown

Kevin Binkerd- Madison          Tim Carston- Watertown

Tyler DeVaney- Madison        Arron Dornon- Watertown

Blaine Eliason- Madison          Elijah Everson- Watertown

Larry T Johnson- Madison      Wayne Johnson- Watertown

Jeremy Lindholm- Madison    Ted Lindholm- Madison

Greg Loss- Madison                 John Lowe- Madison

Kelby Mitten- Madison            Brian Piehl- Madison

Lucas Randall- Watertown      Meghan Randall- Watertown

Bill Scholl- Madison                  Jerry Shepherd- Watertown

Mark Stolp- Watertown           Terry Thue- Watertown

Jessie Tesch- Watertown       Ryan Walsh- Watertown

In the past, Persona has been honored by Employer Support of the Guardand Reserve (ESGR) with their Above and Beyond Award for providing Guard and Reserve employees additional, non-mandated benefits such as differential or full pay to offset lost wages, extended health benefits, and other similar benefits.  

For more information about ESGR, please visit their website: