Persona Signs Celebrating 20 Years in Madison

“We make signs from start to finish for some of the largest brands across the country and internationally,” Stephanie Johnson, assistant plantmanager  of Persona said.

Persona has been in South Dakota for 34 years, and the branch in Madison has been around for the last 20. “We make a lot of different type of signs here,” Johnson added.

Johnson isn’t kidding. Persona makes signs for McDonald’s, Papa John’s Pizza, Domino’s Pizza, Casey’s General Store, and Holiday Station store, just to name a few.

“We make signs from start to finish. We get the raw material. We form the material. We bend the metal,” Johnson explained. “We paint the metal. We match paint colors to logos.”

“First we start at the beginning of the line and put the lights in the sign,” Nikkia Kisor, a seven-year employee  of Persona added. “The sign then comes to here and we light it up, package it, and send it out the door.”

It is obvious there is a lot of hard work that goes into each and every sign, so it is nice to know a finished product has a bit of South Dakota wherever it ends up.

“It’s pretty neat,” Kisor said of her work. “You find yourself looking at signs more. I wasn’t really paying as much attention to them before.” 

“Oh it’s awesome to see our signs out in the world,” said Johnson. “Knowing we are one of the largest international sign makers for different industries  that got started right here in South Dakota.

In addition to being the largest provider of hotel and motel signage across the globe, in 2010, Persona was named as one of only three signage providers for McDonald’s.