Persona Ranked Top 5 in the Signage Industry

Mike Peterson

Persona was recently recognized as one of the Top 5 sign manufacturers in the United States. The Commercial Construction & Renovation (CCR) Magazine highlighted leading signage firms in a recent publication. In fact, the CCR Magazine provides information to high-level commercial construction executives.

“We are constantly working to provide customers with unequaled, world class experiences while remaining a leader in the sign industry,” said Mike Peterson, Persona President. Significantly, Persona ranked in the Top 10 in all 4 categories: Retail, Restaurant, Hospitality and Total Billings. In the Retail category, Persona ranked 7th on the list and in the Restaurant category, Persona ranked 2nd. Additionally, Persona ranked 1st in the Hospitality category. Persona’s sales with hospitality brands were significantly higher than any competition in the signage industry. To note, Persona led the list by almost triple the sales of the nearest competitor. “We’re proud to be longtime partners with the majority of hospitality brands in the market,” Peterson added. “Our hospitality brands are moving forward with their rebranding plans with confidence after a difficult year due to COVID 19.” Persona’s total billings ranked 2nd on the list.

Over the past 40 years, Persona has built relationships with over 200 leading brands. Businesses come to Persona when it is time to rebrand and update their image, including new logos. Persona provides many signage services including design maintenance, program management, site analysis, manufacturing installation and permitting. Something that sets Persona apart from other sign companies is offering value-engineering services to help customers.

Here is the report from the CCR Magazine:

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