Persona West Employee Vicki Crow Living the Values

Persona’s “Caught Living the Values” winner is Persona West employee Vicki Crow.

James Elbert nominated Vicki Crow. They are co-workers at West. In his nomination, James said when he loads flex faces into the pickup every morning, Vicki is always there to help.

“Vicki always goes out of her way to stop what she is doing and come to help me load the faces without being asked,” he wrote. “Vicki is ALWAYS positive and willing to help out anyone who needs it. She also goes above and beyond to assure that the customer gets a quality product that is correct every time.”

To clarify, Vicki displays the categories “Doing the Right Thing,” “Our People Come First,” “Being the Best,” and “Working Safely.” In fact, that is four out of our five values.

At Persona, our Vision, Mission and Values statements are more than just words on paper. We strive to live up to those statements in everything we do.

What is “Caught Living the Values”?

Each month, Persona recognizes an employee who exemplifies the core business principles that company founder Dennis Holien assembled more than 40 years ago. Employees nominate co-workers who are living the Persona values. As a result, a winner is chosen from one of the three Persona Facilities. Locations include Persona Main on the southwest edge of the city, Persona West on U.S. Highway 212 west of Watertown and Persona Madison in Madison, S.D. 

Congratulations to other nominees Aaron Spies, Christi Anderson, Shannon Herr, Tammy Kindvall, Erik Lee, Neil  Gilbertson, Trevor Larson, Kayla  Holker, Kody Johnson, Nikkia Havenga, and the entire crew at Persona West.

In conclusion, Persona employees do a great job living our values.

The five business values at Persona are:

  • Wow the customer (unequaled service)
  • People are our most important asset (people first)
  • Do the right thing (principles)
  • Be the best, not necessarily the biggest (mastery)
  • Pursue continual improvement (excellence & innovation