Photometrics and How They Help!

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You are on the hunt for new lighting, and you see that Persona provides Photometrics free of charge. Wow! That sounds very informational but what exactly are photometric comparisons? Below we will explain not only what photometrics are but how we at Persona use that information to create 3D renderings to help you envision and select the most appropriate lighting.

What are Photometrics?

Photometrics is the science of measuring light, and its perceived brightness to the human eye. This analysis shows the intensity of light or relative illuminating power. Persona uses this information and applies it to your project, supplying you with a diagram of how the lighting will appear (Shown above).This grid will display the light levels across your facility and helps determine what will work best for you. Including how each fixture will change the lighting and find the most efficient set up to place fixtures.

Persona Photometric Rendering

What else is available?

With AGi software, Persona can produce these photometric comparisons along with 3D renderings of your facility (Shown Below). You no longer have to imagine how the new lighting will appear at your facility. 3-D renderings will give you a visualization of not only the facility but the location of your fixtures on the property when the lighting is installed. Renderings also include data from the photometric comparisons, helping you determine how bright your lights will appear once installed. This visual output also shows how IESNA specifications are achieved. Whether you want an aerial view or a view from straight above, Persona’s team will be able to provide it to you. We create photometrics in-house, enabling us to create comparisons and renderings with the help of our lighting expertise.

Photometrics Overview

3d photometrics

Given a blueprint of your lighting, Persona will be able to assist in matching products to the customer’s needs. Having the ability to create photometrics in-house provides visualization of a project before any lights are installed. Having a large amount of photometric data will help our lighting professionals select products and options that are most appropriate for your requirements.

Why Persona Lighting?

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Persona has earned a reputation for quality workmanship and superb customer service. Each year we serve more than 250 name-brand companies at more than 6,500 locations across North America. Persona provides all types of lighting solutions. We can help you lower energy costs, cut maintenance repair bills, and make your location both safer and more attractive.

Persona is your single source for exterior and commercial lighting products for your commercial development and retrofit projects.

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