Position Spotlight: Expediter

What is an Expediter?

You will assist sales representatives in the proposal, order fulfillment, and location coordination of sign projects. 

But, what does that all mean? 

You will start off by obtaining location information through the survey process for a location proposal. You will coordinate documentation such as installation bids, permits, PO’s, and site photos. Then you will take over all aspects of the location coordination by communicating with installers and general contractors, customers, and freight arrival.

Is this position for you?

The right candidate will have high attention to detail and the ability to drive projects, so they are completed accurately and timely!

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Favorite Part of Their Job!

“I like that my job is family oriented and allows me to spend time with my family and flex my hours accordingly for family events or when my son is sick or has an appointment. It will also allow me to leave for sporting events in the future. 

I also like that I keep busy and am doing the same processes every day but it is still something new all of the time. It keeps me on my toes, and keeps me interested in my job and wanting to come back.” –Taylor

“As an expeditor, I have worked at hotels and resorts all across the United States, each one is unique. We hire and schedule installation companies that vary in size and ownership. Every day at work is different. I enjoy being a member of a sales team that works on the different locations.” –Karen

“My favorite thing is working with some of my installers & General Contractors.  I also like to see a new sign/concept develop from the initial design to the end product.” – Crystal

“I enjoy coming to work every day and working on new things. I enjoy dealing with my installers and general contractors, and seeing a project complete.” – Lisa