Turn Awnings and Canopies Into Advertisement

Awning and Canopy signage is an amazing way to combine functions for your business. Your storefront most likely already has an awning to protect customers from the weather and it elements while they enter and exit your business. Why not use this as a space to advertise and help customers find your place of business?

Creating Awning or Canopy signage is a great way to gain exposure for your business. Giving your company a professional appearance while promoting your business is a win for you.

The awning is the projection on the outside of your business that provides protection from weather, the beating sun, and identifies the business inside. Persona can create these lightweight structures on a supportive tubular framework with a wide variety of materials. Awnings and Canopies also have the option to be illuminated to help display the design throughout the night.

Your new awning or canopy can come in various shapes and sizes, and Persona will make the best signage for you. All of our awning and canopy signage is customized to your specs to create the appearance that best meets your expectations. Our graphic designers will work with you to achieve and create just the look you are imagining. Our project managers will help you through the signage process with ease – no headaches, no fuss. Contact Us Here!