TWO Caught Living the Values Winners: Rosann and Tom

The winner of Persona’s Caught Living the Values award for the month of May is Rosann Timm, specifications specialist. She was nominated by Alan Oberg for “Being the Best” and “Teamwork.” He said, “We had 216 lists to update. We expected it to take 3 people up to 5 days to complete. Rosann not only did her lists, but also everyone else’s list by herself in ONE DAY!”

Rosann says her job consists of creating item numbers and keeping the Y-Drive up to date. She also helps with graphics when needed. She knows the importance of teamwork. “We need to work together to be efficient and get the job done to best serve the customer.” Rosann loves the team she works with at Persona and said her favorite thing about working at Persona is “the people.”

Rosann’s advice to other Persona employees is to help each other and always do the best job you can.

Tom Nelson was also awarded for May’s Caught Living the Values. This is the first month that Persona has 2 winners at the same time! Tom, from our Madison location, displayed three of our values: Wowing the Customer, Our People Come First, and Doing the Right Thing. Sarah Collett nominated Tom “for stepping up and helping Taylor who was alone in packaging on his second week. They got the signs out to the trucks that were sitting in the lot waiting to be loaded. This was on top of Tom’s own workload in large frames packaging. Tom also took the time to mentor Taylor so they were packaged correctly.”

Persona’s Values

Our employees work every day modeling these values. We developed a system called “Caught Living the Values” where employees can nominate other employees who go above and beyond showing these values.

Here at Persona, we focus strongly on our values which we call “Dennyisms” and break it down into five categories. Our core values are:

  1. Wow-ing the Customer (Service)
  2. Doing the Right Thing (Integrity)
  3. Our People Come First (Teamwork)
  4. Being the Best (Mastery)
  5. Pursuing Continual Improvement (Excellence & Innovation)

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