Unsure About New Lighting? Here is Why it’s a Good Idea!

Persona is your premier single source turnkey lighting service. From design to installation, we work to ensure projects are completed in ways that save you time and money. 

Executing a new lighting project can appear daunting and costly at first. This is not true, upgrading to the newest technology allows you to not only become a greener company but saves you money on overhead in energy efficiency. LEDs use less energy and last longer than traditional lighting. Purchasing improved lighting will also increase the safety and security of your company’s building or parking lot. Most importantly it will make your property aesthetically pleasing inside and out. Updating to LED Lighting will be a Game Changer! 

What if I can’t afford to replace my lighting completely? Retrofit! Save a little old but bring in the new.

Retrofitting allows your company to broaden its energy efficiency and reduce overhead by upgrading only the lamp or fixture. Retrofitting allows you, the company to keep the current fixtures and maintain the style of your business.

Persona provides a one-for-one LED solution designed to replace 400W HID fixtures in parking areas allowing you to transition with ease. Retrofitting benefits you by saving money on complete installation of the new fixtures, the cost of the new fixtures, and with energy savings. Upgrading to more advanced lighting will also require less overall maintenance and bulb replacement  

How is it possible for new lighting to be so beneficial? LED Technology!

LED lighting is a low power, high-efficiency, long-lasting light emitting diode. LED is known for many efficiencies but is most prominently known for it an average lifespan of 50,000-hours. This lifespan enables you to save money and increase profits by lowering your overhead costs and distributing the saving to profitable sectors in your business. Additional cost-saving efficiencies gained with LEDs are that they do not radiate heat, helping lower your A\C bill.

Persona will provide your company LED fixtures and poles at National Pricing from manufacturers such as GE, Hubbell, and Cree. The inclusion of LED to your exterior lighting will substantially increase the light quality of your business. Now light can be distributed adequately with the ability to focus on a single direction, requiring fewer fixtures than traditional lighting while also minimizing wasteful spill onto neighboring lots. Installing high-quality LED lighting requires minimal maintenance and extends the time needed between replacing fixtures and lowers the expense of hiring crews to replace burnt out bulbs.

Traditional lighting underperforms and struggles during cold weather, LEDs, on the other hand, will stay bright during frigid weather and turn on almost instantly! Upgrading to LED is also straightforward, and future updates will be simple as well. Converting to or building new with LEDs will help you save money with lower power consumption (80% less than incandescent bulbs and 75% less than halogen) and LEDs are shatterproof and easily recycled. If you are still worried about the upfront cost to upgrade, most states offer a rebate to upgrade. You can check out your state at https://energy.gov/savings/search for more info.

Does upgrading lighting help with safety and security for my company? Yes, LED lights brighten your parking lot and your day.

Persona Lighting’s dedicated lighting experts are on hand to help with your switch to LED lighting and contribute to making your parking lot more secure. Driving at night will always be dangerous and increase the chance of vehicle accidents. Upgrading your business’s lighting will brighten your parking lots and lower the accident rates between 25-40% according to the United States DOT. More appropriate lighting also reduces crime and gives customers or employees peace of mind while walking in the dark. 

Curb appeal is paramount when gaining prospective customers. Gain perspective by putting yourself in your potential customers’ shoes. Imagine you are driving down the highway in dire need of gas! You need to find the nearest convenience store, so you take the next exit. There in front of you are two gas stations on with old traditional lighting and then your store with BRAND NEW LED LIGHTING! Even if the stores themselves are of the same quality, you may learn toward pulling into the brighter convenience store because it appears safer and cleaner than the competitor. Lighting can be the deciding factor for a customer in choosing your business over another’s. Having visible signage and being well lit will not only increase your business visibility but will most importantly get customers into your doors.

I want new lighting, who do I contact? Persona Lighting!

Persona is your single source for exterior and commercial lighting products for your commercial development and retrofit projects.

Persona has earned a reputation for quality workmanship and superb customer service. Each year we serve more than 250 name-brand companies at more than 6,500 locations across North America. Persona provides all types of lighting solutions. We can help you lower energy costs, cut maintenance repair bills, and make your location both safer and more attractive.

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