We’ll Help You With The Permitting Process

Most municipalities have rules – in the form of ordinances – that determine the size, style and location of outdoor signs for business. The section of ordinances governing signs in Watertown, S.D., alone is 30 pages long! 30 PAGES!

While you may know how beneficial a new sign can be for your business, navigating the government’s rules on signs can be downright frustrating.

But don’t worry; at Persona we not only handle the design, engineering, manufacturing, delivering and installation of your sign, we also are experts at securing the proper permits to make your project go smoothly! After all, we’re a full-service sign company with 40 years of experience. We’ve gone through the permitting process in countless towns and cities across the country, so you don’t have to!

Sign ordinances can help a municipality reduce the perceived visual clutter of advertising signs. They also can help enhance a community’s identity, in terms of establishing and maintaining aesthetics.

By regulating the type, size, and location of signs in a municipality (as well as the process for erecting new signs), a sign ordinance can help preserve or create community character and stop visually distracting sign competition between businesses. A municipality may adopt a sign ordinance as a part of the zoning ordinance or as a stand-alone ordinance.

Most cities, however, are aware – or at least should be – of federally protected freedom of speech laws when it comes to signage. Also important is the economic aspect of advertising signage. Municipalities depend on sales tax revenue, and it’s well-known that signage can mean increased business, which means increased revenue for the city.

With their sign ordinances, cities walk that line between regulating signs and allowing businesses to thrive. It’s a path that Persona’s sign-code experts have taken many times and, and they can help you with the process!

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