What Makes a Great Sign?

Not all signage is created equal. Having high-quality and well-designed signage can make your business flourish in a busy environment. Having great signage involves many different aspects including your logo, colors, and your sign manufacture.

The most important aspect of your sign is its audience. You need your sign to attract the right customers and be able to catch their eye. Everyone perceives signs differently and if you know your audience you can tailor the message to them.

Now you know who your audience is you can start envisioning your signage. You will need to study your environment such as surrounding colors, location, and where your traffic will be coming from. Doing so will let you choose the best architectural design and message to give potential customers.

With better knowledge of your environment, the design of your sign is next. You want to make sure you have contrasting colors not only on your sign to accentuate key points but, to also have the signage complement its environment.

Now don’t go crazy with the colors, keeping it simple will help convey your message effectively. This will help people recognize your brand and will eliminate clutter that distracts readers from the core message. Having a good amount of blank space or white space will give someone passing by a chance to read your sign and time to turn to pull in. The number one job of a sign is to communicate information quickly and effectively. So having whitespace will keep the message clear!  

Finally, you may have followed all these tips and have the perfect location and design for your signage. Now to choose your sign provider! This is where you choose Persona Signs. We will not only create your envisioned sign, our high-quality manufacturing will make that sign long lasting and bring in customers.