Why Digital Signage is Easier Than Ever

It was only a few years ago that digital signage was seen as a business novelty. Today, it is the second-fastest growing medium for advertising. Even small retailers are using the technology thanks to its easy and affordable maintenance and wide range of options.

All over the world, millions of digital signs are being used to display everything from flash sales and job openings to menus and employee appreciation. With the introduction of video streaming and touch-screen capability, the static sign has transformed into a way for companies to connect and interact with their consumers in ways they have never been able to before.

Digital signage creates a better experience.

As a species, people are visual creatures. One of the reasons consumers are drawn to digital signage is because it is capable of showing an ever-changing and entertaining stream of information that draws the consumer in and leaves them feeling excited about what they have gained from the experience.

Research shows that 2 out of 3 of clinic patients believed their wait time was shorter when they had a digital sign to observe in the waiting room. Gas stations are using digital signs at their pumps to entertain customers as they fill up, encouraging them to return to their station over and over again because people like to be entertained. Why not fill up consistently at the place that offers a free show while you stand in the cold?

You have better control over your content.

Imagine this: You have a job opening in your business. After months of newspaper interviews, you don’t seem to be getting any qualified candidates. You finally decide to rent billboard space to advertise the opening, but on the day the billboard goes up, your dream candidate’s resume arrives in the mail.

Now you have a billboard advertising something you no longer need to advertise, but you’ve already paid the rent and signed the contract. The sign is up.

Digital signage allows you to change your message within minutes. Advertise a different open position, instead, or simply throw up an ad for this month’s sale specials. The choice is yours.

You will stand out among others.

A recent study placed two signs on the interstate. One was a digital sign and one was a static sign. Both displayed the same content.

Their research concluded that 47% of drivers could remember what they saw on the digital sign as opposed to only 22% who remembered what they saw on the static sign.

Digital signage is innovative, fun, and different. People give digital signs a second glance where they would typically ignore a static sign altogether.

Ready to Improve Your Signage?

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