Why Persona Should Be Your Sign Company

Are you thinking about new signage for your business? Here are 10 reasons why Persona should be your partner!

1. Dennis Hollien, the founder of Persona, came up with 21 core business principles, which we refer to as “Dennyisms.” We’ve boiled them down to these five: Wow the customer. Put our people first. Do the right thing. Be the best, not necessarily the biggest. Pursue continual improvement. These aren’t just phrases ­– the words represent who we are and what we want to achieve!

2. Persona Signs leads the industry in manufacturing technology. We are about more than just great signs and great service: We are sign technology experts.  We leverage our experience to maximize your budget and present your image in the best light. We shine when it comes to individualized solutions.

3. We have the experience. We are constantly sought out as consultants in our field, helping companies review, refine and polish their signage programs. That same expertise can work for you. We consider every aspect of your project, determining how to simplify it while producing the highest-quality signs. We make it our goal to ensure that you end up with the best, most cost-effective sign technology and design strategies in the industry.

4. We do it all. The term “turnkey” is used quite frequently when describing our services. From design to install, we work to ensure projects are completed in ways to save you time and money while maintaining the integrity of your image.

5. We can save you money. Project management is at the center of everything we offer. Project managers are assigned to each project and will work to drive dollars out of your program by cutting energy costs and slashing maintenance and repair bills. Persona dedicates entire departments for research and development to improve your sign and lighting programs, but value engineering is not limited to them. Everyone at Persona – from estimators to shipping expeditors – is on the lookout for ways to save time and money while maintaining the integrity of your image. Our process improvement and product development specialists engineer quality signs to reduce your prices and energy consumption.

6. We’re fast. We have streamline processes learned over 40 years of production. We have perfected methods to build quality in the fewest steps.

7. We have the best equipment: Machinery that takes over labor functions turns out a product that is consistent at a lower cost.

8. We use the best materials. Persona works with leading vinyl and LED manufacturers to develop enhanced quality materials for reduced maintenance and longer product life.

9. We are shipping experts. Freight from South Dakota’s central location makes it equitable for franchisees across North America.

10. We have been around a long time – 40 years!. We began making quality signs when Ronald Reagan was president and have become one of the largest sign companies in the United States!