Why You Should Consider an Upgrade to Your Iconic Signage

Look, we get it. Your current signage has been a part of your appeal for years- maybe even since your business first opened. Nobody likes to mess with perfection and we agree that there are certain elements to old signage that come off charming and fun.

Aesthetically, we totally understand. There’s a functionality concern, though, when it comes to outdated signage displays that we hope you will consider. While the visual appeal of an old sign can be replicated, there is no going back in time to upgrade your sign display for the benefits of a new system or how a new signage display can affect your standing in the community. Read ahead for more insight:

You Might be Eligible for Grants

Many cities and states offer economic development grants to update your displays and beautify your property. If your signage is old and worn looking, you may very well be able to get your hands-on resources to make it look better. Sometimes, this can even bring your out of pocket expenses to zero.

Raise Your Property Value

The way your business looks from the road influences how much money its ultimately worth. When you are running a clean, modern-looking establishment your property value will increase adding money to your business’s bottom line.

Give Off a Better Impression

Statistically, people are more likely to shop in a place of business if the signage and exterior look clean, modern, and professional.

Think about the last time you stayed in a non-chain hotel. Every town has at least a few. Are you more likely to select one with modernized displays or the palm-tree neon drive in that’s still rocking the same look it did in the 50s? Norman Bates, anyone?

Become a Greater Landmark

We at Persona love to get creative. While your current signage might invoke feelings of “local landmark” to you, we are positive we can create a new signage display that will give off even greater landmark vibes. We can replicate the old signage with modernized features or we can draw from the old sign to create something even better. The possibilities are endless!

Lower Cost Long-Term

Especially when you are running a lighted sign display, we are able to upgrade your signage to cut energy costs and increase longevity. Also, using new materials, we can increase the amount of time your signage will stay looking great between touch up painting and cleaning.

Are You Ready? Give us a call!

If you’re ready to look into a signage upgrade, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We have reps standing by waiting to help you get the look and feel from your signage that your business deserves.